Flavia Weedn

The power of art is that it either tells a story or moves us to reflect upon stories of our own. Be it the beauty of a simple line framing a stream of dialogue or an easy sketch aside a splash of
color, art can take us on a journey of personal meaning. Flavia’s art is an interplay of substance and
artistry. Excerpts from Flavia’s memoir , sketches from
her private art journals, random thoughts and rich musings all blend
together here to offer an up-close view of the human spirit. Flavia’s gentility and freedom of style engages all to look a little closer, feel a little more.

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Stretched Canvas

We offer super high quality hand stretched canvas in two sizes "24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm) and 32" x 48" (81cm x 122cm) . Each image is printed with archival inks on German museum quality poly/cotton canvas. Art is wrapped around the sides. Each is stretched expertly over thick 1.5" (4cm) pine wood stretcher bars.

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Framed Prints

We offer two sizes of black wood frames with white hand cut mats and acrylite glazing. These are 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28") and 70cm x 100cm (28" x 39"). We ship globally in sturdy packaging from Switzerland.

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Wallpaper / Murals

Our adhesive-backed reposition-able wallpaper murals are the perfect choice for a larger space and a smooth wall. Installation is a breeze, and removal is just as simple, making it easy to refresh any room whenever you like.

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Made with Love

Flavia Weedn was a talented illustrator and the author of many books, but above all, she was a wonderful human being. At The Flavia Shop, we have curated a selection of imagery that she either created or loved. Her work was inspired by her life and her dreams. She loved Posters from around the world and photography that inspired home within the human spirit.

Our cards are as eccentric as Flavia herself, made out of archival cotton paper and with the same love that Flavia put into all that she accomplished.

Here she is enjoying time with her grandson Miguel Angel Weedn in her Santa Barbara studio in the Old El Paseo. Circa 2008.

Flavia Weedn and her family

Flavia Weedn began selling art on the streets of California in 1960. She had been a tap dance instructor and a fashion merchandiser since 1947. She was deeply passionate about art, dance, music and fashion.

Flavia's mission to care for her family never stopped. Her children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren carry on the tradition today by making sustainable goods in a family environment. This 64-year old art adventure is now based in Lugano, Switzerland. A place Flavia would have loved.

Life is short and art lasts forever.

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From our Family to Yours

Flavia and Lisa Weedn's creative talents have been the core of our family's expressive work since 1980. Here is Flavia, Lisa and Stella Weedn, one of Flavia's granddaughters.

About Flavia and Jack Weedn

Here is a link to more about The Flavia Brand built by Jack and Flavia Weedn. Licensing inquiries contact rweedn@archivea.com